A Partnership in Progress and Quality

What’s better than one great company providing outstanding products? Two great companies, joining forces and combining their capabilities into one.  As of October 1, 2012, CEF Industries has officially merged with ADS/Transicoil, a leader in aerospace components, assemblies, and displays.  We have worked together in the past, with great success, so the synergizing of our management team made complete sense.

While our day-to-day operations have not changed, our corporate headquarters and management are located in Collegeville, PA, and we are now one company with three operating sites—the motion control and avionics & displays product lines in Pennsylvania, CEF products in Illinois, and labor intensive processes being done at our facilities in Malaysia.  There will soon be a consolidated top-level brand, maintaining the CEF, ADS and Transicoil product brands within this top-level company.

The combination of all capabilities and products under one management team is a natural fit for CEF and ADS/Transicoil.  For example, the motion control product line, made up of brushless DC motors and sensors including RVDTs and LVDTs go hand in hand with our CEF actuation products.   Furthermore, the avionics and displays are perfectly complementary as control panel solutions for the human machine interface for CEF products or systems.  It’s all a natural fit and, overall, a symbiotic partnership of products and solutions.

You can learn more about ADS/Transicoil on their website and you can look forward to a future of working with a trusted company that just got even better.

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