Transicoil and the 2013 C-130 Hercules Operator’s Council (HOC)

The entire Transicoil team is excited about attending the 2013 Hercules Operator’s Council. The 2013 HOC is being held in Atlanta from October 20-24 and features an amazing array of exhibitors and educational presentations. The entire purpose on HOC is to discuss, celebrate, and share information about the world’s most advanced airlifter, Lockheed Martin’s C-130. This workhorse of the sky, first entered service in 1956 and still exists today as the modified C-130J. It is also interesting to point out that the C-130 has the distinction of being history’s longest continuously produced military aircraft .

Our CEF products, have played a major role in the history of the C-130. From the 1960s until today CEF has produced critical components for the C-130 including aileron & rudder trim tab actuators, elevator trim systems, main landing gear retract systems, and the C-130J’s enhanced cargo handling system. Because of our decades of experience with the C-130, we are always thrilled to share and compare notes with some of the biggest names in the aerospace industry at HOC; as well as talk directly with C-130 operators and maintenance organizations that are familiar with our products on the aircraft.


If you are planning to attend the 2013 HOC, please make sure to drop by Aero Precision’s, Booth #27, 28, and 29.  Aero Precision is Transicoil’s exclusive defense aftermarket distributor.  Transicoil will be highlighting our work with the C-130, including displays focusing on our CEF actuation & cargo handling system components, our Avionics & Displays products and our Motion Control position sensors and motors.  .

To learn more about this year’s Hercules Operator’s Council, please visit Lockheed Martin’s website or you can always contact one of Transicoil’s C-130 experts today!

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