New Transicoil Brand

Approximately a year ago, CEF Industries LLC (Cage Codes: 00268, 63665), with operations in Addison, IL, and ADS Transicoil (Cage Codes: 25805, 65907, 82686), Collegeville, PA, merged management teams. While managed as a single business unit with 3 operating locations, Addison, Collegeville and Melaka, Malaysia, we maintained the original separate CEF Industries and ADS Transicoil brands. Going forward we are re-branding the top level business as Transicoil LLC, which has always been the legal operating name of ADS Transicoil. The CEF Industries brand will still be used for the product line designation but not the top level business.

Transicoil Logo

The new Transicoil logo can be seen above. As part of this transition, we are in the process of moving to a new consolidated web site, which will be All email addresses will be standardized to first initial.last, however the current or email addresses will still forward to these new email accounts.

Please note that the legal operating name of the Addison, IL operation will remain CEF Industries LLC, so there is no need for current CEF Industries customers to update any company information in their systems. All purchase orders should still reflect the CEF Industries name. There has been no change in ownership of our organization as Transdigm (NYSE: TDG) is still the parent company.

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