Flap Handles in Pilatus Aircraft

As an aerospace qualified full-service manufacturing company including sales, marketing, customer service, design engineering, assembly, test, repair/overhaul, and customer support; we have experience in designing and manufacturing a range of mechanical and electro-mechanical products and systems for customers.

A flap handle is a lever that is available in the cockpit of an aircraft. When the lever is applied, the flaps are deployed, which reduces the speed of the aircraft when it lands.  This low-cost cockpit control device is a new technology that has just been into production by CEF Industries for a small business aircraft jet PC-24, Pilatus in Switzerland. CEF will provide both production and spare units as well as aftermarket support for the fleet. These control devices will be first of its kind to be installed in a Pilatus Jet Aircraft. The PC-24 can be flown like a propeller aircraft which can land on gravel runways and fields, and the speed of a PC-24 is twice as the speed of a propeller aircraft.

Aircraft Flap Handle

The Flap Control device has an ergonomic handle and has four gated positions – Up, Detent, T/O 2 (Takeoff 2) and Land. Secondary Motion is required between any two gated positions and movement from UP and LAND, and vice versa cannot be accomplished in a single motion. It has two independent position reporting potentiometers and two D38999 connectors. It is also fitted with redundant electrical paths for position sensor reporting.


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