CEF Industries Delivers the Reliable Mainstay of Aerospace Potable Water Systems: Non-Oil Reciprocating Compressors

From production factories to aerospace to the defense industry, the importance of clean and compressed air in maintaining compliance with hygiene and safety standards can’t be denied.

Compressed gases that need to flow either intermittently with high compression ratio or continuously with lower compression are utilized by a number of domains for a wide range of purposes. Air is the main gas of choice for operations involving the transmission of ‘sensitive’ fluids like potable water for commercial use, pure hydrogen and oxygen are required in the chemical food processing niche and light hydrocarbons facilitate fractional distillation in refineries.

The actual compression of these gases is achieved using a device that is known as a compressor. This compressor should ideally derive its power from ‘clean’ sources to eliminate:
– The risk of contaminating the gas that requires compression
– The risk of flammability if operated in extreme conditions
This is why most widely accepted compressor designs are electricity reliant and carefully achieve compression in two or more phases.

CEF provides robust and joint-less compressors that are crafted from corrosion-resistant materials for durability and longevity. The motor boasts built-in thermal protection and cast aluminium heads and cylinders of the assembly are finned to ensure efficient heat transfer and the safety of the potable water systems they power.

Specially designed for commercial aircraft, they pressurise the overhead potable water tanks and mainly used in the Airbus A320 line-up. These compressors are lightweight and made to fit into existing installations without requiring a major overhaul of the water systems of the fleet.

Similar to an internal combustion engine, the air compressor uses a single pistion to supply compressed air. Working on the principle of positive displacement, the CEF compressors come equipped with self-lubricating Teflon piston caps so that oil-less operation doesn’t result in heat generation and wear and tear.

CEF air compressors for potable water systems are highly innovative and solve some long standing issues around the use of compression to draw potable water. However some noteworthy features include:

  • Excellent Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) that is a testament to its reliability
  • Belt driven low noise functioning

CEF Aerospace Solutions has always taken quality and its commitment to ‘bringing the best in aerospace engineering to the world’ very seriously.

For more information contact CEF Industries at sales@cefindustries.com


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