First Flight of Embraer KC-390: A Great Success

It’s always exciting when a major aerospace manufacturer unveils a new aircraft. It’s even more exciting when that aircraft successfully completes its first flight. Perhaps even more thrilling for us is when that aircraft is fitted with parts that were designed, developed, and tested by CEF Industries

On February 3, Embraer completed the first flight of its KC-390. This medium-sized twin-engine military transport aircraft is used for transporting both troops and cargo. The impressive T-tail plane is worthy of accolades for more than a few reasons. It is the largest aircraft ever built in South America and will serve the Brazilian air force on a range of missions, from search and rescue to air refueling to Brazil’s Antarctic research support mission.

Inside the aircraft features an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system and space for up to 80 passengers or 60 airborne troops. Of course, we are especially proud of our contribution to the KC-390: the highest quality electro-mechanical air inlet door actuators available, specifically designed, made and truly worthy of such an impressive feat of aerospace engineering.

Following the plane’s February 3rd inaugural flight, the consensus was overwhelmingly positive. It was flown for 1 hour and 25 minutes, after which the pilots reported the flight to be smooth, precise, docile, and predictable.

It seems the aviation world has taken notice because at least five other countries have signed letters of intent to purchase. The Embraer feels confident that there is a strong market for the KC-390, equaling around 728 aircraft in 77 countries.

While we’re not surprised by the success of the first flight, nor by the attention it’s getting, we are proud and excited to have been a part of building this great machine. We can’t wait to watch its further success take flight.

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