CEF Recognizes Manufacturing Day This October 2nd

mfgday15Mark your calendars because October 2nd is Manufacturing Day. A day to celebrate the advancement of manufacturing and to promote its innovative drive that propels it forward. MFG Day is an initiative to spark interest in manufacturing for the general public but specifically to Generation Z.

Generation Z is the generation currently in high school or just entering college, trade school, or engineering programs. During MFG Day manufacturers set to help capture this generation’s interest in manufacturing and give them insights on what it means to have a career in this field.

At CEF Industries, we are adding to this discussion by highlighting our own manufacturing capabilities.

Founded in 1946 our facilities include an 83,000 sqft building incorporating an engineering lab, FAA Certified repair station, employees 131 people and holds 30 machining centers.

Our machining centers include both manual and CNC machining. With these types of machineries, we can operate grinding, turning, vertical machining, gun drilling, gear cutting/shaping, vertical mills, lathe de-burr, and drill pressing.

The best part of working at CEF Industries is knowing your work will help with the advancements of aerospace, a lot of times within the military and defense sector. Having manufacturing capability allows CEF Industries to make innovative and customized products. We are honored to help serve our country through our ingenuity and high-
quality products.

We feel that many manufacturers throughout the country regardless of the markets they serve can relate to the feeling of importance, satisfaction, and teamwork that only working in the manufacturing industry can give.

If you would to engage in MFG Day or have questions about it, please visit their website. As always you can keep the conversation going with us on Twitter @CEFindustries.

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